Marketing Automation

Online marketing automation combines the power of online advertising, search, social media, landing pages & email into a fully integrated, data-driven, responsive campaign to ensure maximum ROI for every dollar spent.

Net 0 Pricing

Net 0 pricing simply means that we will manage and optimize your entire marketing funnel, including PPC, search, social media, landing pages and email for a % of your monthly media spend plus a 1 time setup fee.  In doing so, we will increase your ROI by a higher % than our fee, providing more value at no actual cost to you. (Available for accounts with an online advertising budget of $10,000+ per month.  Low flat rate pricing available for clients with smaller budgets.)

Unlimited Marketing Funnels

A marketing funnel is the combination of all your marketing (PPC, Online Advertising), social media, CRM, landing pages, website & email into an optimized, and fully automated, user controlled workflow.  What?  Basically, we monitor the behavior of your users and ensure that all ads, emails, website content etc are relevant to their interests, based solely on their online behavior.   We provide an unlimited number of workflows, delivering whatever is needed to maximize your ROI.

Full Transparency

Marketing Automation is a combination of marketing elements to create a seamless, personalized experience for your users.  This leads to more conversations and more revenue for your business.  However, many business do this behind the “curtain” and charge you hourly for work they may (or may not) be doing.  Pinpoint Marketing provides all our clients their own access to our systems, to provide complete, real-time transparency into all the work, data, and results.  No surprises, ever.


Is it a money back guarantee? No.  However, we work MONTH TO MONTH with all our clients.  If we do not deliver, MONTH over MONTH on our promise to maximize your online performance, then you can cancel without penalty.   We will even export all your data so you can keep your workflows, emails, etc.  Your data is always yours and we will give you our work product.  We expect to have a multi-year, profitable relationship with all our clients, but we don’t need long term contracts to ensure that.  We ensure our success by the success of our clients.

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