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Learn How to Win @ Marketing Automation

Our goal is to empower all our customers to make marketing automation work for them.  Below is a sample of the deep live and on-demand video library we provide to all our customers to help them get the most out of SharpSpring.


VIDEO #1. Lead Scoring 101

In this video, you'll learn not only how to implement lead scoring for your business, but how to use Lead Scoring to help drive increased sales efficiency and performance.


VIDEO #2. SharpSpring Social

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - all integrated into SharpSpring.  Learn how to implement social media monitoring, content calendars and engagement all from one spot, as well as automation triggers direct from your social media posts.  


VIDEO #3. Sync

In this video, you'll discover how to sync SharpSpring with your existing accounts. Learn how to import Lead Scoring from SharpSpring into and implement automation programs straight from updates in  


VIDEO #4. Collect More Data With Progressive Profiling

This video shows how you can learn over time more and more about your customers, increasing the opportunity for engagement.  By having a data collection plan over time, you can optimize your conversion rate and increase profits.


The Value Doesn't Stop There

We offer a library of ebooks and presentations to help you get the most out of marketing automation

Download The Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation Terminology

This Amazing Presentation Regarding Hyper Personalized Conversions


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