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SharpSpring is a software solution with endless potential to increase your sales.  However, it is only a software.  How much you pay for your monthly license fee does not make SharpSpring any more effective or add any features.  You are paying more for the same exact thing.

What powers SharpSpring is how you use it, and that comes from strategy and implementation.  Your current vendor will say this is the value they bring to the table.  In reality, your vendor is milking the license fee and charging you thousands of dollars are month to execute your marketing automation.    Pinpoint Marketing is built differently...

We empower all our clients to find ways to use SharpSpring to uniquely benefit their business, without the constant burden of monthly billings.  We provide free and premium education & services at your own pace, all guaranteed to help you get the most out of marketing automation for your business.   Save money and go at your own pace - those are the principles that drive Pinpoint Marketing.

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We Are More Than Just Saving Money on SharpSpring

All our clients get access to our global support, achived webinars, live knowledge base and education and supplemental support.  We allow you to build your business at your own pace, on your own, without the need for expensive agencies.


$250/ Month LIcenses

10k Fully Featured SharpSpring Licenses are only $250/ Month.  Learn how to transfer your license today.


Exclusive Education

We will teach you from start to finish how to use SharpSpring to drive business profit.


Gold Partner

We are one of 10 Gold Partners Globally.  Don't trust your SharpSpring needs to anyone else.  We are the Gold standard.

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